The panel X-LAM CLT ARTUSO is a multilayer consisting of three, five or seven layers of equal length and overlapping of the wooden slats fir C24 structural cross between them of 90 °. In this way the panels acquire an excellent mechanical behavior and a homogeneous geometrical stability and structural.
The tables used for the composition of the panel are initially artificially dried, combined with a comb joints (finger joint), planed, glued and pressed so as to make the panel a single body stable and elastic.
The joining process is carried out by a line certified, where they are complied with the size of the joint, the quantity of glue and the pressure exerted during joining.
The maximum dimensions of the finished product are 3 m width / length and 10 m in length / width with a thickness variable according to the usefulness of the same, shown both as wall as the slab according to the specific needs and finishing.

The panel X-LAM CLT ARTUSO is produced on the basis of a draft static in respect to technical standards for buildings, according to DM 14.01.2008, which do not allow the possibility of using in building a product that is not in possession of marking EC under the CPD 89/106 with structural destination.

The panels produced following a process of production dictated by the precise procedure ETA-10-0339 which the company has adopted, which are described in detail all the rigorous production steps
Once the design and defined the technical details of the structure, we proceed with the processing of the panels that will not finish at sight or on demand with facing finish industry.

Using project data escutivi, transferred to our work centers, the panels are cut to the drawing using the latest CNC technology and CAD-CAM for absolute precision milling and cutting.



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